In 1902, social psychologist Charles H. Cooley identified the phenomenon of the “looking-glass self,” which he said was when we believe… “I am not what I think I am and I am not what you think I am; I am what I think that you think I am.”

It all starts at a very early age – just wanting to be excepted – one of the gang! The bigger problem develops when you start to live your life through the thoughts and minds of those around you. Your siblings, your friends, your co-workers – they all have a perception of who you are. Problem is, when you base your decisions and happiness on those perceptions – you’re lost! You’ll never be fulfilled or find your own happiness and inner peace. You’ll never discover the TRUE YOU!

5 Pointers To Discovering The TRUE YOU

  1. Be what you think you are. Stay true to yourself by relying on your ‘gut feeling’. In the words of Zig Ziglar “You gotta be before you can do, and you’ve gotta do before you can have.” Three of the most powerful words: Be. Do. Have. Practice the ‘BE’. Be who you truly are!
  2. Know that you have NO control over what other people think of you. Their perception is not your reality. Continually remind yourself throughout the day that your perception is the only one that truly matters.
  3. How people come to the conclusions that they come to is of NO concern to you. Gossip is never a good tool for a quality life. Stay the course and don’t bend to appease the thoughts of others.
  4. Remove negative thoughts and negative actions from your diet. To do this effectively you must remove yourself from negative conversations. This is actually quite simple – when people talk trash – leave that space. Don’t hang with negative minded people. All those negative toxins can only do bad – they’ll corrupt your mind.
  5. We are all a product of our choosing. Only ‘YOU’ can create your personal brand. Your ‘Personal Brand’ is reflective of who and what you are. Your likes and your dislikes, your style and talk, your habits and choices are all a reflection of the TRUE YOU!