Relationships may come and go – but great relationships will stick around for a lifetime! Any good successful human being knows full well ‘you can’t do it on your own’, the ride to the edge of your dreams is conditioned by the relationships you keep. Will the next person you meet be a life-long relationship or just someone passing through your life?

It’s important to review your greatest long-term relationships and analyze the unique factors. Great relationships are not perfect and they certainly are not routine – which is one of the reasons they stand out amongst the many relationships you’ll have throughout your lifetime. The following 5 sticky factors are key elements to creating exceptional personal connections. If you want your relationships to stick around for a lifetime then you’ll want to incorporate the “5 Sticky Factors” into your daily habits.

  1. Embrace Differences – For many it’s the commonalities we see in each other. Often people find security and happiness in the areas of life that connect us. It’s notably easier to get along with people when interests are similar and non-controversial. Sticky Factor: Embrace the people that are different than you. People who have different skill sets and/or have an outlook that is different than yours. If you can capitalize on strengths and weaknesses that compliment the ones you possess – the relationship will have more potential.
  2. Turn the Talk – It’s natural to talk about yourself. In fact, when you first meet someone it’s seems like the logical approach to develop a relationship with that person. First encounters can be tricky as one-sided conversations can get boring fairly quickly. Sticky Factor: Turn the conversation around and make it about the other person. Don’t probe like you’re selling something. If you’re to be successful with developing great relationships – it must be genuine dialogue – or folks will sense your phoniness.
  3. No Strings Attached – We’re all incredibly busy with our own needs that we seldom get the chance or take the opportunity to see how we can help others. Most times, when people do something wonderful, they expect something back in return. There are takers and givers in life – too much taking and you’ll guarantee yourself a short lived relationship. Sticky Factor: Ask folks what they’re interested in and what factors are preventing them from accomplishing their goals. Determine how you can help them with their needs, even in a small way. Here is the catch – there are none! No strings attached. Concentrate on giving more than you take in life and you’ll surpass most in securing the greatest of relationships.
  4. Walk a Mile – You can’t believe the choices made by some of your smartest friends and find yourself wondering – what where they thinking? It’s easy to be critical of others with the decisions they make – but we rarely ever know all the circumstances surrounding that decision. Sticky Factor:  Be sure that you have all the facts and then offer alternatives while being respectful of the decision. In fact, Judgmentanoma is one of my 5 Human Ailments that hold too many people back. Choose your battles wisely. Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.
  5. Bigger, Better, Faster – One of the biggest detriments to relationships, if not the biggest, is jealousy. This behavior for many people begins in childhood and stays with them throughout their adult life. We tend to be jealous of others and their accomplishments. Society dictates that it should be bigger, better, faster – which causes us to look around ourselves and dislike  those people that appear to be better at something than yourself. Sticky Factor: Achieve your own level of greatness, don’t be jealous of the next guy because they’ve achieved something you have not. Focus on your own agenda and success and celebrate the success of those around you – it all comes around full circle.

Simple advice that when applied properly and enthusiastically – will deliver unparalleled results and the greatest of relationships!