The most extraordinary sacrifice you can make, is the sacrifice you make with your own conscience! If you settle or compromise just to get along, you’ll become a victim of average and you’ll never experience the greatness in you. Here is the best advice from this column right upfront – ‘stubbornness should always win over compromise – when it comes to your core principles’.

“I can accept anything, except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the half-way, the almost, the just-about, the in-between.” Ayn Rand had it right; the easy way out requires no extra effort at all. You simply go along to get along. Think back to the time you were in school. You were taught to blend in as much as you could while still maintaining your own identity. The kids who were questioning their surroundings were considered troublemakers. Difficult kids were pointed out and often ridiculed, forcing everyone else back into their boxes. Strong minded and opinionated kids were considered instigators, they were taught to play it safe. Never question authority, be like everyone else – blend in and don’t stand out, and just go-along to get-along.

It’s the same approach you’ll take into your career throughout your life – DON’T. You’ll surround yourself with like-minded people with similar thoughts and boundaries – DON’T. None of this means that you won’t try hard. Sure you will – you’ll want to exceed expectations, it’s just… your expectations will be representative of those around you – DON’T. You won’t know it at first, it’s just a way of life. You’ll want the same for your own children, your own family. Raising a family of like-minded people is expected and admired by many. If your goal is to achieve your maximum potential in life, then these 5 TRUTHS OF MATURITY are just what you’ll need on your journey forward.


  1. Accept people for who they are. Man or woman, asian or black, gay or straight, liberal or conservative, tall or short. The world would be a boring place if we all looked and acted like each other. Embrace the uniqueness in those that seem odd. Let children be children. INQUISITIVENESS is a gift, not a distraction.
  2. Develop your belief system early on. If you don’t know what you stand for, then how can you expect others to know? Core values are not just for companies, they are for every being on the planet. Each of us must have our own set of principle-driven values that define who we are – and the areas that are NON-NEGOTIABLE should be defined early on.
  3. Your mindset will determine your outcomes. PREDICTABILITY in your thinking will guarantee you average results, never extraordinary results. The only sure fire way to break out-of-the-box, is to carry no boxes in your life. Question everything around you. There is always a better way to do things, a faster method, or a desired result you haven’t yet thought of.
  4. Continually embrace KNOWLEDGE and learn from the mistakes of others. A commitment to excellence is required for true leadership. Leaders shine a light on the path forward, knowing full well that they will stumble along the way – and that the path they’ve creating will be crossed by many. Leaders are not born and leadership skills are not inherent – they are developed over time.
  5. Know the difference between CONVICTION and flexibility. Some people are just plain stubborn, they’re unwilling to bend or compromise on anything. Then there are those that come across as wishy-washy, unable to take a stand and stick with it. When you learn to navigate the two positions with ease, you’ll close more deals in life and you’ll be taken seriously as a person with conviction.

Remember – ‘stubbornness should always win over compromise – when it comes to your core principles’.