Adversity can mean many different things to each of us. Misfortune, difficulty, hardship, distress, disaster, sorrow, misery, pain, trauma, accident, setback, crisis, tragedy or burden. Each of us will face adversity at some point, in both our personal and professional life. What seems to shape a person is not so much the type of crisis but rather how it is handled.

How is it that some people seem to weather the storms better than others? How do some stay optimistic and productive after a setback? Whatever your reference point, know that it is within your power to not only neutralize the consequences, but craft the outcome to your advantage.

8 tips to turning the adversity in your career into an advantage:

  1. The risk vs. reward model will be key to your decision-making ability. You will be measuring risk vs. reward throughout your lifetime.
  2. The unexpected is never expected. Do not let the unexpected derail your plans. Stay the course.
  3. Be closest to the weakest and strongest in the organization.
  4. Do not beat those around you down. Lift people up and in the process you will be lifted.
  5. Measure your success in results, not hours. Hard work pays off when it leads to something worthwhile. Too much or too little never works.
  6. It’s much less work when you are doing what you love. Spending a lifetime in the wrong career is equivalent to a ‘life sentence’.
  7. Closing the deal should be the vitamin of choice for every executive and entrepreneur. Work all your strategy to that end goal.
  8. Comfort zones are way too comfortable. Keep your life goals in sight. Everything else should change frequently.