Finally you were able to sneak away for a few days on holiday. Ready for the sun and surf or perhaps skiing in the mountains – either way you’re overdue and looking for the perfect getaway. All to be destroyed by a clumsy staff – horrible customer service where everything goes wrong! Chances are you’ve been there before. But what if it was a hotel operated by robots?

Yes everything, from the bellman to the front-desk clerk, room service, even facial recognition technology that remembered you from last time – providing there was a last time or a next time!

If you’re traveling to Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan anytime soon this may be just the place you’re looking for. Everything is handled by robots from check-in to check-out at Japan’s Henn na Hotel. Some of the highlights you can expect:

– A dinosaur at reception who speaks Japanese or English
– A robot porter that will register your bags for automated delivery
– Sensor panels in the room adjust the temperature by detecting body heat
– No light switches in the rooms, and to turn on or off the lights, guests have to speak to the hotel’s tulip-shaped concierge robot Tuly

Founder Hideo Sadawa told reporters that having a robot staff at the hotel is no gimmick. He wanted to show how establishments could improve efficiency and lower labor costs. “I wanted to highlight innovation,” he said. “I also wanted to do something about hotel prices going up.” A room starts at 9,000 yen (£46, $73).


The brink of an idea! The biggest challenge with a fully-robotic hotel has got to be – how do you make the experience personal with the impersonality of an electronic device? Is it even possible?

What happens if you want to complain to the head robot? Are they good listeners? My guess is – we better get used to it as the world becomes more and more automated. As the world continues to computerize and automate everything in our path – imagine the power behind personal service and a good-ole fashion hand-written note. (That’s if I could find a pen – I do have three keyboards however)

Nothing beats GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE WITH AN ATTENTION TO DETAIL. It is the secret weapon of great achievers everywhere!