All of this thinking made me think… is there a difference between our everyday thinking and advanced thinking? The gamble is that your everyday thinking can easily become too ROUTINE… forcing you into a rut, a hole, a void of empty space. Truth is… everyday thinking is another form of complacency, one of the 5 Human Ailments that will trip you up, hold you back and limit the possibilities that life has in store for you. The trick is to incorporate the elements of critical thinking into your everyday thinking, so that your life will always be aligned with your true desires and objectives. The result is a performance based lifestyle!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, easily said Malcolm, but how does that work? Meet Dr. Linda Elder, an educational psychologist and a prominent authority on critical thinking. She is President of the Foundation for Critical Thinking and Executive Director of the Center for Critical Thinking.

Two questions:
Why are we not in command of our lives?
How do we get back in control of our lives?

Dr. Elder is informative and inspiring….