If you so much as touch a tree top. If you brush the ground ever so slightly. If you tilt your body the wrong way even a smidgen. The penalties are severe, death even! The terrain is most unforgiving! BUT, the reward is to break from human boundaries and achieve the impossible.

Wingsuit Base Jumping is one of the most extreme sports on the planet. B.A.S.E. is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: buildings, antennas, spans, and earth (cliffs). The jumpers step into thin air and fly like birds, hurtling at impossible speeds and gliding across beautiful landscapes.

There is a long history that goes along with the sport of Wingsuit Base Jumping, starting with the specially made flying suits. The suits have advanced over the years to bring more enthusiasts to the sport, however the sport has been most unforgiving in that death is not an uncommon occurrence. The death component is real, however the percentage of jumpers that meet death is not known because there is no official count of just how many jumpers take flight to begin with. However, no one is arguing that the sport is not without risks.

Why do healthy men and women take such risks? Why do they place themselves in harms way? Is life so dear that we should blame one for dying in adventure? Charles A. Lindbergh, Aviation Pioneer may have said it best….  

“What kind of man would live where there is no dying?”

Throughout history man has continually been fascinated with the ‘art of flight’. At one point or another many of us have dreamed about flying. Some of the jumpers say it is like nothing else they have ever experienced. Jumping is often described as ‘living in the present moment’ and ‘an adrenaline rush like no other’. However, if you’re not a focused individual and you don’t pay attention to the details…. then perhaps this is not an experience for you.

Wingsuit Base Jumping is all about the achievement of excellence! If you are going to excel in life in whatever your endeavors are… don’t you also need to be focused and detailed? Sure you do. The difference is that in the sport of wingsuit base jumping, you have no choice because your life is at risk! Perhaps if we use that same mindset and apply it in our daily lives, we would exponentially modify our outcomes.

Extreme sports, extreme careers, extreme schooling, an extreme life should be our ultimate goal. A society that is so consistently mired in average has no chance of greatness! An extreme life is one where excellence is the norm. DETAILS are never taken for granted and FOCUS is not an afterthought. Execute on those two principles and everything else will fall in place.

If you do a search on ‘wing suit base jumping’, you’ll find hundreds of articles, images and videos that explain the sport and you’ll get a sense of just why some men and women risk it all. There is also a fascinating documentary entitled Birdmen: The Original Dream which is available on Netflix.

Enjoy and fly like a bird!