Adversity Series

Overcoming RELATIONSHIP Adversity with 9 Tips

Email, voice mail and texting are all good tools for everyday communication. When it matters most, eye to eye contact works best. Adversity can mean many different things to each of us. Misfortune, difficulty, hardship, trouble, distress, disaster, sorrow, misery, pain, trauma, mishap, accident, upset, setback, crisis, catastrophe, calamity, tragedy or burden. Each of us faces adversity at...

How to Conquer and Cure The 5 Human Ailments

Cure The 5 Human Ailments BOOK

The history of human experience is full of tales of success and failure and amazing stories of perseverance to victory. What separates the average person from the exceptional? Do we all have the ability to be exceptional? Ask yourself these three questions: Have you SETTLED into a comfortable existence without even realizing it? Are you allowing FEAR of failure...

Cure the 5 Human Ailments

Copycatosis Cured

When a reporter asked that ridiculous question to Michael Phelps: was he the next Mark Spitz, having just broken Spitz’s record? Phelps response was perfect: “I’m working on being the first Michael Phelps.” I’ve never understood why anyone would want to be anyone – but themselves. Some people live their entire life trying to be like...


A Hotel Operated By Robots

Finally you were able to sneak away for a few days on holiday. Ready for the sun and surf or perhaps skiing in the mountains – either way you’re overdue and looking for the perfect getaway. All to be destroyed by a clumsy staff – horrible customer service where everything goes wrong! Chances are you’ve...

Routine Series