Creativity should be both unpredictable and disruptive, with moments of absurdity! I can tell you this – it’s all by design. This is the maturation point of a great idea!! Every single being is capable of those Brink Thinking moments. The more you connect those moments together, the more fulfilling your life will be. This keynote takes the old method of brainstorming, and completely changes the way you think via a process we call BrinkStorming™.

We are fast becoming a generation of average – but hold on, not so fast! According to the Global Creativity Index (GCI) – America is second in the latest study – only behind Australia when it comes to the most creative country on earth. The study ranks each country with “the Three Ts”: technology, talent and tolerance. America has high levels of creative competitiveness with higher levels of inequality – the country needs improving in the tolerance category. Yet, what separates America from so many other countries is the ability to define itself through its ideas. Innovation and risk taking are at the forefront of many of the greatest ideas that transformed the last century.

Average seems like an extraordinary victory when most everyone else around you is failing. WE CAN CHANGE THAT MINDSET!

Success in any profession is a great deal more challenging than it was 10 years ago. The chances of failure are indeed more commonplace than they would have been in more prosperous times. This produces more average as more and more people settle. Too many people are content with letting others create the BIG IDEAS. They think that they can’t change the system and so they leave it to others to wrestle with the big problems. Every single one of us is capable of achieving extraordinary feats. Once you have an idea in-mind, go beyond that idea and break through the boundaries of average. It’s okay to question everything, in fact it’s healthy to do so. How many times have you been engaged with leaders where you had hoped the conversation would be invigorating and inspiring? Instead it was average, if not boring – it does NOT have to be this way.


  1. Your boundaries are 100% self-imposed by you, be in charge of your own thoughts
  2. Never settle for an average idea, be exceptional and bold in your thinking
  3. Don’t follow, lead. Find alternative methods to break through the clutter
  4. Question everything, the obvious and the not so obvious. What if?
  5. Uniqueness is the golden rule. If everyone else is doing it, then don’t
  6. Don’t panic when the idea seems absurd. Absurdity is oxygen for high-flyers
  7. Take your idea to next-level thinking, all the way to the BRINK

People ask me – What makes a BRINK-THINKER?®

Brink Thinkers are regular people like you and I who have learned to nurture, persist and expand our thoughts to create unparalleled results. Many of your everyday ideas have the potential for greatness. The secret is to take that thought, that concept, that idea, all the way to the BRINK!

BRINKSTORMING™ is all encompassing.

The brink of societal change.
The brink of courage or bravery.
The brink of helping others live a more purposeful life.
The brink of lessons learned and now valued.
The brink of peace in the world.
The brink of death just before life.
The brink of undying determination under great obstacles.
The brink of victim turned victor.
The brink of possibilities and not despair.
The brink of saving lives. The brink of invention.
The brink of positive attitudes that give hope.
The brink of never stopping until the realization of your goal.

Knowing when to break through the boundaries of average to question the unquestionable is the sign of greatness. It’s those moments when you get to the absurd stage that things truly get interesting. The journey to get to the BRINK can be unpredictable, but knowing you’re at the BRINK – that is genius my friends. When you’re questioning every angle and theory, often you’ll find yourself in an absurd mindset that can be difficult to rationalize. It’s just beyond absurdity where you’ll discover the Brink of Greatness™.

This One Keynote Will Change The Way You Think Forever

  1. What makes an innovative environment?
  2. Learn how to turn FEAR into FUEL
  3. The difference between a calculated risk and cliff-diving
  4. How to embrace your oddness, and why being different is a good thing
  5. Why everyone has the ability to get their big break in life
  6. Eliminating self-imposed boundaries and discover the dangers of the BOX
  7. When is the RISK worth the REWARD?
  8. What makes a good BRINK-STORMING™ session?
  9. Learn the stages to get to the BRINK OF GREATNESS™

BRINKSTORMING™ is an evolution that takes the simplest idea and transforms it into an extraordinary moment. ‘Think Outside The Box’ is an overused, overstated metaphor used by millions of people everyday. I have never understood why people carry a box with them in their lives. If you refuse to carry this box with you – you’ll never have to worry about reminding yourself to think outside of it again. Just having a box control your every thought forces you to limit yourself and restrains all the possibilities that would otherwise be present. Why would you limit yourself when you could achieve so much more?


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