One of the questions many patients seek an answer to is – Is there life after death? Most doctors would either choose to not answer the question or would provide an ambiguous response – but not Dr. Iacoboni – his answer? ”No question about it -That is the teaching of the ancients…. Judaism, Islam and Christianity. We have a soul, that is eternal given to us by God and returned to God upon death.“ He further explains that life after death has been the belief of the human race since the beginning of time and that only over the very short time of the last 50 years has that belief been set aside by Western Europe and parts of the United States. “The consequences of that changed belief … is a culture in decline “ he says.

Upon hearing the word ‘Cancer’… the three most common emotional reactions are Fear, Anxiety and Denial. Dr. Steven Iacoboni believes that in addition to treating the cancer, he has a responsibility to help patients transition through  the natural negative emotions… to a positive outlook.

The intersection of medicine and spirituality is the focus of Dr. Steven J. Iacoboni’s book entitled “The Undying Soul – A Cancer Doctor’s Journey”. A 30 year veteran in the battle against cancer, Dr. Iacoboni served his fellowship in medical oncology at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston where he received the outstanding researcher award.