When a reporter asked that ridiculous question to Michael Phelps: was he the next Mark Spitz, having just broken Spitz’s record? Phelps response was perfect:

“I’m working on being the first Michael Phelps.”

I’ve never understood why anyone would want to be anyone – but themselves. Some people live their entire life trying to be like someone else. They convince themselves of their limitations. They never reach their potential because they will not allow themselves to envision all that is possible. If you find yourself caught up in this world, then you must take drastic measures or you’ll find yourself blending into the crowd.

You are capable of anything and everything when you let your mind go. Allow yourself to move beyond your self-imposed restrictions.

The benefits of being YOURSELF are tremendous. It’s the only way to win YOUR game. You won’t be without controversy. Some people may even be jealous, after all you are being someone they can’t be. They may be caught up in a world of average and they probably think they’re doing you a favor by having you join them. Don’t do it.

We need to tap into and respect our individualization. While the corporate boardroom is expecting you to conform to the rules, more than ever before your business needs you to break through with new ideas. We have become a society that is all too predictable. If you don’t conform to the crowd then you’ll be considered an instigator, or worse – a weirdo. God forbid you think a little different and standout.

We are creating a society of followers. Everyone clawing their way to the top trying to be like the next person. If you do everything by the book then maybe you can join the club. I despise those meetings where you get some person speaking about something that you know is BS. Everyone else in the room also knows it’s BS. But nobody speaks up. I’ve been in those rooms and find myself being the only guy that speaks up. Many people end up telling me their real feelings later. They will often ask me how is it that I can be so honest. I tell them it’s easy, just tell the OUT LOUD TRUTH!

Copycatosis can be a hazardous journey through life. There are followers and there are leaders. There are those who set the trends and those who follow.

If you don’t get uncomfortable with yourself and your routine, you will never discover that being YOURSELF is your key to success.


  • Stop imitating the crowd; try new ways of accomplishing your routine
  • Step up and lead by your own example
  • Be diametrical to the usual routine
  • Justify the reasoning behind your involvement or actions
  • Chart a new course that will take you in a new direction
  • Focus on elements that make you stand out
  • Make a commitment to yourself that you will introduce at least two new concepts into your life every week
  • Refuse to follow trends, start your own

My Video Book on the 5 Human Ailments will assist you on your journey, Good Luck!