The history of human experience is full of tales of success and failure and amazing stories of perseverance to victory. What separates the average person from the exceptional? Do we all have the ability to be exceptional? Ask yourself these three questions:

Have you SETTLED into a comfortable existence without even realizing it?

Are you allowing FEAR of failure to stop you from even trying?

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed, yet others STRUGGLE to get by?

What are the most common obstacles to personal achievement? There are 5 barriers that consistently hold people back from true fulfillment and emotional well being – I’ve studied this for over thirty years in America’s boardrooms. I’ve been able to identify the 5 Human Ailments that are keeping you from your true destiny.

1 Copycatosis

2 Not Now Fever

3 Complacenitis

4 Dirty Money Disease

5 Judgmentanoma


The power to cure what ails you is within your grasp- it won’t be a pill and you won’t need a medical doctor. What you will need is the right MINDSET to change the behaviors that are limiting your abilities to achieve maximum results.

It’s unfortunate that many people will never realize their true potential because they suffer from one or more of the ‘5 Human Ailments’. If you’re not completely aware of the symptoms you may not even realize that you’ve been infected. But if you know what the signs are – you can discover the treatment and begin the path to recovery!

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Whatever your goals, no matter your life stage, you can breakthrough the boundaries and barriers that are holding you back. Unlock your true potential and be the best “YOU” that you can be! What you will need is the right MINDSET and MALCOLM to change the behaviors that are limiting your abilities to achieve YOUR success.


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