As with any high performance machine, maintenance and tune-ups are critical. Consider the following steps, take action and clear out the gunk holding you back from peak performance.

The first step is to break out of your ROUTINE and conquer new and exciting things in your life. Over the next seven weeks we will address each of the negative aspects which lead you down the path of the ROUTINE.

The first sign that you’re stuck in a routine is when you’re feeling RUNDOWN.

R >> Rundown
O >> Out of sorts
U >> Usual suspects
T >> Timid to change
I >> Incapable of imagining
N >> Nothing seems exciting
E >> Everything is the same

Let’s face it, we have more on our plate today than probably any other time in our lives. The fact of the matter is that as a society we’re struggling to stay positive. The economy is not the only area in which we’ve lost momentum, our adventurous attitudes and confidence in our overall future is also at an all time low. Not knowing which direction to head or where best to place our energy is a quandary we all struggle with. It’s challenging to prioritize your agenda when it seems the sky is falling! It’s so easy to get distracted with unrelated work matters. Most professionals know that come Monday, personal struggles must be exactly that – personal. As you begin to create your new to do list for the week, you may very well be struggling with what to prioritize first. After scanning all your notes and activities from the week before, you create the new agenda and you settle back into your ROUTINE.

Stop right there and let’s change it up!

1- Change your outlook. Stop living in yesterday’s world. You can’t change yesterday. Too many are living in the past and not thinking in a forward thinking manner. Let’s focus on today and tomorrow, not yesterday. The more you keep yesterdays problems first and foremost on your mind, the less mind space you’ll have for tomorrows opportunities.

2- Limit distractions. I’m not big on the open door policy where people bring you their issues, problems and challenges every minute of every day. Shut the door if you have to and keep the distractions to a minimum. Set a specific time where people can communicate with you on whatever it is that they need from you. You’ve heard the saying; ‘Work on your business, not in your business’. By allowing yourself to be focused on your own agenda, you will be able to make a meaningful impact on the success of your business or career, instead of getting stuck in the minutiae of details other people will want to burden you with.

3- Surround yourself with positive, forward-thinking people. It is key to carefully select the people you associate with. Negative people with negative thoughts will keep you in a rundown mode. Time to get out and network again, but this time don’t just network; build relationships. Relationships are not accidental, they happen when you give more than you take. I’ve always said the key to selling to anyone in this world is to solve a problem for them. Sharing your wisdom and energy with a board or two is a good thing. There are a myriad of not-for-profits that desperately need your help and vision. Get Involved.

4- There is a solution to every problem. Focus more on the solution and keep the problem the size of a mole hill. I find too many of you are making mountains out of ordinary problems. Listen, everyone has their share of sad stories, it’s just some people choose to focus on the solution and not so much the problem. Of course understand the problem, just don’t linger in it.

5- Don’t put the tough decisions off because you don’t want to face the music. They will just linger on your mind and continue to distract you from the real priorities. Face your problems with speed and integrity. You’ll feel better by removing the monkey(s) from your back. Create a short list of two or three problems that you’ve been putting off and resolve them today.

6- Establish a list of just three items you’d like to work on but can’t find the time. Work these three items into your planning, it’s okay that it may need to be at a gradual pace. You can conquer new space when you force yourself to make the time.

A mind open to the unfamiliar, a desire for an improved lifestyle, and an environment which encourages risk taking are all key to becoming a Brink Thinker! Get started today with an entirely new ROUTINE.