When so much around you is out of your control, it’s hard not to feel out of sorts! Everyone is being impacted in one way or another by the economy, there is simply no way of getting around it. From the stock market and unemployment to food and gas prices; most everything is beyond your control. The secret is to impact those things that are in your control. It comes down to having the right mindset and being able to put everything in perspective. When you do that, your fate will change. We must each readjust those people and projects that make up our surroundings.

Understanding the forces that are against your success is a good starting point. This is the second installment of our seven week series where we will address each of the negative aspects which lead you down the path of the ROUTINE. The second step to breaking out of your ROUTINE is to take control back. Each week we’ll take on another level of helping you break out of your ROUTINE.

R >> Rundown
O >> Out of sorts
U >> Usual suspects
T >> Timid to change
I >> Incapable of imagining
N >> Nothing seems exciting
E >> Everything is the same

Once you’re conscious of the factors that sidetrack your success, you’ll be able to overcome those factors. There are those that let things happen and there are those that make things happen! You can put yourself in the latter category by refocusing your short-term agenda and your overall mission. Take the time to read and understand the 5 factors that contribute to that feeling of losing control. Read it again at the end of the day and make it a habit to start and end your work day by reading the 5 factors all week long.

The 5 factors that will sidetrack your success:

  1. Not listening to you inner voice: When you have a difficult decision to make, always do the research, examine the data and question everything. Your chances of success increase exponentially when you do the proper legwork. But what if all the evidence says to head north, but your gut tells you to head south; what direction do you choose? If you’re not following that feeling you have in your gut, chances are you will notice you are out of sorts – your body and conscience are clamoring for your attention!
  2. Short fuse: It’s always better to think through things than to jump too quickly. Don’t think the worse, it’s best to always give the benefit of the doubt to thy fellow man. Never, never leave harsh voice mails or send torrid emails – use your draft folder and think about it over night. People who use email and voice mail as a means to replace real communication are cowards! Eye to eye contact is always best. I guarantee you’ll receive a better reaction in a live meeting than you would from a taped or written response.
  3. Too much stress: It is always best to be proactive, not reactive! If you’re spending the majority of your time putting out fires then your stress level will remain high. There is a time to deal with problems and challenges and there is a time to create, strategize and build for tomorrow. You have to find that delicate balance or your stress level will stay sky high. I always look at it this way, why worry about things you can’t do anything about? Focus on the things you can impact.
  4. Lack of empathy for others: Never lose passion for helping other people, you’re not the only one going through a difficult time. When it seems that everything is crumbling around you – you’ll need friends close by. In the same regard that they need you when times are challenging. It’s important to remind yourself that things can always be worse.
  5. Not in harmony with your mission: Take the time today to revisit your mission, and if you don’t have a mission – write one today! It’s critical to have an end-game or you’ll never know when you reach your destination. If you’re wandering aimlessly around without a plan, then you’ll never get to where you’re going!

A mind open to the unfamiliar, a desire for an improved lifestyle, and an environment which encourages risk taking are all key to becoming a Brink Thinker! Get started today with an entirely new ROUTINE.