I’ve heard all the excuses by now; you’re not creative enough; you have no imagination; you don’t know how to get where it is you’d like to go – many of you are not even sure of where you’d like to go! The facts are, you are creative, you have an imagination and deep down inside yourself you do know what it is you’d like to do when you grow up (even if you are 65). If you learn nothing else from me, please know you can achieve your goals if you would just let yourself go and unleash your imagination!

This is the fifth installment of our seven week series where we address each of the negative aspects which lead down the path of the ROUTINE. The fifth step to breaking out of your ROUTINE is to unleash your imagination. Each week we’ll take on another chapter to help you break out of your ROUTINE.

R >> Rundown
O >> Out of sorts
U >> Usual suspects
T >> Timid to change
I >> Incapable of imagining
N >> Nothing seems exciting
E >> Everything is the same

Change your ROUTINE to expand your imagination:

Imagine life with no limitations: Why do people limit their ability to think freely? Because they’re too busy figuring out how to get out of the box they’ve trapped themselves in. Too many of you are carrying around this box-mind where you keep all your conscious and self-conscious thoughts and every blue moon you try and get beyond all of this with the lamest of all the lame statements; ‘Thinking outside of the box’. Don’t place limitations on your ability to accomplish the things you wish to accomplish. You and only you can limit your imagination. When you remove the box from your thinking, you remove the limitations. Keep an open mind and know that everything is possible. Just because it hasn’t been done before does not mean it can’t be done. Even if it has been done before, you might have a better idea and be able to do it more efficiently, obtain a better result, or improve it to some degree. It is not as difficult as you make it out to be. Unleash your imagination and let it free by keeping no boxes in your life – period. If you have no boxes, then you’ll never have to worry about thinking outside of them again.

Imagine life with no limitations

Imagine you could be today the person of your dreams

Imagine freeing yourself to pursue your wildest ideas

Imagine you could BE today the person of your dreams: Most people believe that if they DO the right things in life, then they’ll HAVE whatever their desire, and only then can they BE the person they’d like to be. The key is to imagine that your goal has already been achieved. Put yourself in the mindset of having accomplished your goal, this mind shift can and will change everything in your life! For instance if you want to be the best salesperson you know, then act like it. Let your style and emotions take your forward. Execute like you’re the best salesperson in the world. If you believe it, the people around you will start to believe it as well. The best manager, the best author, the best singer – when you place yourself square in that role to BE the best you can be, you will DO what it takes to win, and you’ll HAVE the outcome you desire. Be-Do-Have is a simple mind shift that places your future in the now! Those who can shift the paradigm from DO-HAVE-BE to BE-DO-HAVE are empowering themselves to imagine life the way it should be. You think and do that enough times and guess what – you will be the person you wish to be!

Imagine freeing yourself to pursue your wildest ideas: What transforms an average idea into a good idea? Every good idea has three stages, planning, execution and persistency. The planning of the idea and the physical execution of that idea are critical stages, but persistency is the only stage that can take your idea to the next level. What makes a good idea an exceptional idea? Exceptional ideas are those absurd, fleeting moments you have when you imagine something wonderful in your life, something you sorta believe can happen, but you convince yourself that the idea is too extreme, too bizarre, too absurd! Let’s be clear here, nothing is too absurd for any one of us. Truly successful people who’ve hit their peak in their quest for greatness have all been accused of …(place your adjectives here). This is what I call a Brink Thinking moment. It’s that defining moment between you and your wild idea. It’s a moment that will define who you are and separate you from all the cowards that are simply too afraid to step out of their average existence.

7 Tips To Opening Up Your Imagination:

  1. Look within your personal and business life for the most vulnerable areas of weakness. Take one item at a time and chart out a new course by listing three methods of improvement.
  2. Take one day a week and do nothing the usual way. Wake up at a different time, change your eating habits, drive a different way to work/stores, change your entire routine. No exceptions, force yourself to change every aspect of your daily habits.
  3. Always keep a journal or an iPad app with you to record all those fast fleeting moments of crazy and wild ideas that pop into your mind.The problem is they pop out of your mind as quickly as they popped in. Capture these thoughts, they may not mean too much at the moment but they may prove most valuable down the road.
  4. I find it most helpful to force myself to change up the environment and allow my mind to wander. Follow your mind wherever it wanders, this is the time to think of all the wild ideas you can muster. No restrictions here, don’t complicate matters with action steps and an overactive mind that tells you it can’t be done.
  5. Look for the need. Wherever the need exists, a solution can be found. The greatest of innovations all started with a seedling of an idea that was based on a need. You fulfill a need for someone and you’ve got a customer or friend for life.
  6. I can guarantee you that you are an incredibly creative person. First except the fact that creativity means many things to many people, but creativity is nothing more than problem solving. You make decisions everyday, correct? You solve some of your problems everyday, correct? Then you are most certainly creative. Creativity is nothing more than problem solving.
  7. Always consider all the possibilities. Look at each situation like a compass, there is a north, south, east and west direction. Your role is to find multiple answers to every problem or challenge – just like a compass – use all the possible directions available to you.

A mind open to the unfamiliar, a desire for an improved lifestyle, and an environment which encourages risk taking are all key to becoming a Brink Thinker! Look for the sixth segment and you’ll become more adept to change. Get started today with an entirely new ROUTINE.