Ever ponder the true meaning of friendship? Sure you have. What about best friends for life? What does that really mean? I wonder what the special ingredients are that make up a lifelong friendship, even a best friend. Who can you trust in your life – when it matters the most? The words below may give you pause, the message here is to forgive yourself, be fearless in your friendships, but mostly – trust yourself.

Lessons In Disguise

You born, You live, You die
And in between, you cry

They hurt, they burn, scar up your mind
Tears, like lessons in disguise

Forgiveness to thy fellow man
Gift yourself

Accept the fate
Forgive yourself more so

As those will come
And those will go

True friendship
Do we ever really know

The path of hurt and pain
Torment sustained

Endurance the mind
And ease the pain

Remember moments pass
Nothing truly last

Forever alludes reality
A fairytale life

The journey is not but one path
It is circles of doubt one conquers

The enemy called fear
Voids dreams big and small

Stare down the eyes of hell
Fearlessly forward you go

Copyright © 2017 by Malcolm Out Loud
All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may only be reproduced with author credits and link to this page attached to repost. Additional requests require the express written permission of the author.