When your day begins to resemble a runaway freight train… it may be time to put a new set of brakes on all those distractions that are derailing your efforts for a highly productive day. When I was in the corporate world there were very few days when the people around me weren’t brining me their problems. I discovered that as long as I gifted them my time… they would gladly dump their frustrations, their anger and their challenges at my desk. Whoever it was that said an open door policy was the best policy… probably never accomplished much in their lives, and if they did they probably died young from an ulcer!

My point here is quite simple… you’ll never get to your own agenda or at least the things that are important to you if you allow your life to be the whipping post for those around you. I don’t say ignore everyone either, although on some days that thought may cross your mind. Just follow my 3 golden rules and watch my 9 tips and you’ll be back on track.

  1. Set a specific time of the day when people can interrupt you
  2. Allow time for collaboration and team building
  3. Learn the art of ‘making molehills out of mountains’

Bottom line is this folks, the general rule of thumb – people enjoy making mountains out of molehills. Your job should be to encourage those around you to make molehills out of mountains. Your productivity will soar higher than you ever imagined.