It’s far too easy to get stuck in a rut when your daily routine becomes passionless. We all have those days where we feel that we’re going through the motions of a thankless life. It’s impossible to get excited about your life and your work without passion. Passion can only come from within, it’s an intense emotion consisting of feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something better. Without passion, details suffer, the quality is hindered and the overall outcome diminished. Passion is that feeling of unusual excitement or just having a positive affinity towards life. When we are passionate about our life`, it almost always results in a greater satisfaction. Doing what you truly love in life is a gift.

George Bernard Shaw insisted that there are passions far more exciting than the physical ones… “intellectual passion, mathematical passion, passion for discovery and exploration: the mightiest of all passions”.

The sixth step to breaking out of your ROUTINE is to reconnect with your PASSION.

R >> Rundown
O >> Out of sorts
U >> Usual suspects
T >> Timid to change
I >> Incapable of imagining
N >> Nothing seems exciting
E >> Everything is the same

6 Ways to ReKindle Your Passion:

  1. Re-examine your projects, what is the end goal of each? Often we find ourselves spinning our wheels with activity that has no purpose, they don’t connect to our end-goal – yet we tie up incredible amounts of time. These projects drag us down and have no real value. You might even be doing them because they’ve become your routine. Until you revisit all of your priorities, you won’t know which are vital to the mission and which need to be replaced.
  2. Re-prioritize your priorities. There is a question we often asked in the advertising business- ‘Are you working in your business or on your business’? Chances are you’re working in your business. It’s a routine that is fairly common amongst business executives. You must delegate the time to working and growing your business and the busy filler work will have to come after the fact.
  3. What are you using your prime time for? I always questioned the people on the front lines, in sales or in marketing positions, and asked for their time allocations. Prime-time is 9-12 and 2-5, while some industries end at 4. So in essence you have 5 to 6 hours a day to ‘make it happen’. Not for admin type work, not for internal programs and gossip – for contacting and selling customers, reaching industry leaders and media people, etc. Prime-time can not be compromised if you’re serious about growing your business with passion.
  4. Breaking out of your ROUTINE requires change. There are not many people that like and embrace change, so unless you’re one of these people you’ll need to force yourself to change for the better. Successful people never stay idle, they morph and change at the speed of their surroundings. Start by changing the simple things around you, then jump to some of the more difficult items.
  5. If you’re stuck in a rut, the only way to get unstuck is to change the environment around you – that includes the negative people that are holding you back. It’s a fact that winning people hang with winning people. Evaluate the people who influence your decision making.
  6. The ‘if you could do anything what would you do’ question? It has to be asked. You don’t want to wake up at 70 with unfulfilled goals and dreams. Goals that you never had the time or courage to focus on. When you’re energized and committed to the end goal, you’ll find unbridled passion you never thought you had. What is your passion? What do you truly want to do when you grow up? These are not rhetorical questions. Answer the questions for yourself and start the process of planning your mission with all the passion you can muster.

A mind open to the unfamiliar, a desire for an improved lifestyle, and an environment which encourages risk taking are all key to becoming a Brink Thinker! Look for the seventh and final segment of the routine series and you’ll become more adept to change. Get started today with an entirely new ROUTINE.