Impossible to deny with a straight face – that is – that the technology curve that had enveloped every corner of our daily lives may very well be the hazard to the rule of sanity. Keeping technology in check may be your secret weapon to standing above the mass-hysteria in society today.

One Wrong Click

We stream, we surf, we search
For what we do not know

Streaming, follow, pinning, post
So you can brag and boast

Technology makes the world go round
Too fast sometimes, losing control

Teenage years can be so challenged
One click gone bad, a lifetime shattered

Facebook fads and Twitter tweets
They can be rough and horribly sweet

Is it better to have met you
Thru wires or in face – you ponder

We text, we call, communicate
At times to change the course of fate

Wake up, let go, your friends will know
There’s more to life, take back control

Copyright © 2017 by Malcolm Out Loud
All rights reserved. This poem or any portion thereof may only be reproduced with author credits and link to this page attached to repost. Additional requests require the express written permission of the author.