Maybe your personal life is on auto-pilot, or you’re not at your peak in your professional life. If you find yourself idling and feel the need to take a different road, make the move. Stop complaining. Do something about it. We’ve become a society terrified of change. We like things to stay the way they are. This is the trap that so many find themselves in. Growth and personal accomplishment are not product of the status quo. Our brains are wired to follow the same patterns.

Do you feel like you’re in the same routine going through the same motions day in and day out? The same cast of characters doing the same activities can grow old over time.

If you can identify with any of the R O U T I N E descriptors below then read on for further guidance…

R – Rundown
O – Out of sorts
U – Usual Suspects
T – Timid to change
I – Incapable of imagining
N – Nothing seems exciting
E – Everything is the same

We’ve become automated without even knowing it. I was a passenger in a horrible car accident in 1991 which resulted in reconstructive jaw surgery. I remember months after the accident driving to familiar places yet having no idea where I was going or how I arrived there. I was in a complete fog… yet my brain was on autopilot. Sometimes I would end up at the right place to my complete amazement.

Think about when you’re driving on a familiar road and you need to turn left but the car turns to the right. You make the right turn and then wonder what you were thinking. Your brain took over and went the most familiar way it knew. Your brain can complete the most routine actions without any conscious guidance from you.

When we get too used to a situation, complacency sets in. We will never excel at anything unless we push the envelope. This is a difficult one for most people because they get into a comfort zone and idle on through life. It’s equivalent to being in neutral. Your engine is running but you’re not moving forward. If complacency is the disease, change is the cure! Start with the easy things.

Complacentitis is curable.

  • Intentionally seek new ways to improve your surroundings.
  • Review your processes and procedures; how can they be improved? What little improvements can you make that will impact the big picture?
  • Start a list of ideas that can lead to actionable projects in fulfilling your mission.
  • Identify at least one item a day for your review and change.
  • Make a deliberate attempt to apply new ideas to your everyday life.
  • Drive a different way to work. Try a new restaurant. Move your furniture around.

One thing is certain. You’ll have a new direction in your life. These changes can and will help you become more and more efficient and effective. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

If it ain’t broke, break it!

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UNLOCK YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL: Cure The 5 Human Ailments™
UNLOCK YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL: Cure The 5 Human Ailments™
You'll never realize your true potential if you suffer from the 5 Human Ailments: Copycatosis, Complacenitis, Not Now Fever, Judgmentanoma, or Dirty Money Disease. The history of human experience is full of tales of success and failure and amazing stories of perseverance. What separates the average person from the exceptional? ...