Human beings have always been curious. Ever since the caveman… we’ve been discovering, searching for the truth and looking for the next big breakthrough. Our curiosity allows us to ask the fundamental question…. Why Not?

If it’s physically possible to accomplish a feat that has never been done before, certainly the journey begins with curiosity. Every great inventor, designer and innovator has been curious enough to move their idea to the next level. Curiosity isn’t enough however, having the courage to modify your thoughts, take risks and work with the unknown are all signs of a Brink Thinker.

After Apollo 11 landed Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon in 1969, the need to explore space to understand the universe has been the ultimate goal of NASA. Talk of exploring Mars has renewed the debate of risk vs. reward. Every explorer understands risk but has an innate ability to be fearless in exploring the unknown. A survey which questioned whether we will place humans on Mars within our lifetime indicates that a “majority of Americans” do not think “technological capabilities and motivation” will stop us from finally visiting our closest planetary neighbor. In fact, 71% of Americans believe human beings will step on the surface of Mars by the year 2033. The survey was initiated by Phillips & Company, a global communications firm, and Explore Mars, a non-profit corporation committed to advancing the cause for human exploration of Mars.

Certainly there is a risk in visiting Mars, in fact there are serious risks like long periods in microgravity, exposure to cosmic radiation, psychological problems from isolation and there is always the ultimate risk of a system malfunction. But is the risk worth the reward? Every unknown journey has risks, but where would we be today if man never set sail into the unknown?

Think of the greatest inventors who pushed through the boundaries of average to accomplish their dreams when everyone around them thought they were crazy! The best technological advances have created an avalanche of innovations through market expansion. One big idea leads to another big idea. Having an idea is one thing, pushing that idea to fruition no matter the obstacles that impede your progress or attempt to derail you is entirely another! Here are 10 tips to aide you in your quest for a Brink Thinking lifestyle.

A Trip To Mars Maybe? – 10 Steps Forward

  1. The need to improve things around you is a good thing, CURIOSITY is man’s greatest gift
  2. Having the COURAGE to ask the tough questions, Why? How? Why Not? Does It Matter?
  3. Whether you’re planning a trip to Mars or have a new technique, RESEARCH is key
  4. Learning to break through the boundaries of AVERAGE is the only sure way to rise to the top
  5. Always develop a PLAN OF ACTION and the steps to execute that plan of action
  6. Have a SAFETY plan ready to execute at moments notice, if things go wrong what is the backup plan?
  7. If the RISK outweighs the reward, then reconsider the journey – find another way or abandon the idea
  8. If the REWARD exceeds the risk involved, then don’t let anything stop you from exploring the unknown
  9. Question everything and everyone, a CALCULATED risk is a good risk
  10. Do not let those ABSURD moments of truth scare you, it just means your closer to the realization of your idea

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