It’s a dangerous slippery slope my friends when we avoid discussion and debate and withdraw from challenging the status quo in order to get along. Being PC is the name of the game for the bureaucrats, the policy makers, the media talking-heads and the “proper” men and women sitting on their “proper” corporate boards. We’ve allowed fear of criticism from extremists and overly sensitive “social police” to pervert our freedom of expression.

Myth #1 – “Play well with others, even when you don’t agree with them… just go along to get along.”

This is what has gotten us in trouble in the first place. The committee members; whether they be in politics, or the not-for-profit group you’re working with, or the prestigious board of directors you’re slightly engaged with – could even be the neighborhood gossip chain – they all need to be questioned and engaged and questioned again. Every problem no matter how complex needs to thoroughly be examined 360 degrees. Sure some people are not going to like this approach – as the great philosopher “Idontgiveashit” said, “too bad so sad!”

Myth #2 – “Never run with scissors, you might hurt yourself… play it safe – stop rocking the boat dude.”

The play it safe crowd is probably the biggest threat to the advancement of mankind. First off, stop telling our kids they can’t do it, leave them alone, hands off. These young minds need to be encouraged, nurtured, not manipulated and suppressed. The oldest and most ignorant cliche in the books is “think outside of the box.” Far too many people carry this heavy and burdensome box through their entire life like a 50,000 pound ball and chain tied to you leg. Keep NO boxes in your life and you’ll NEVER have to think outside of them again.

Growing up in a middle class… protestant family… in the big city… in public school… with big dreams… high hopes… to achieve greatness – I had no choice – I was forced to question everything around me, and you darn well learn to run with scissors… if you’re to get anywhere, that is. So that I did! I questioned and questioned. I ran with scissors and toward scissors.

People around me learned not to ask me the question – the question they really didn’t want answered truthfully – they were looking for an acceptable answer – a pc answer – an answer that wouldn’t tip the apple cart over! Later in life in corporate boardrooms, committee meetings and social gatherings – I was subjected to the “socially acceptable disease” SAD!

The SAD part is when you find masses of people who won’t look kindly at your “Individualism” –  they want you to conform! Conform to the committee, get along, leave the freakin’ apple cart alone – they’ll call you when they want your two cents. Ha! I say tip the apple cart over!