The history of human experience is full of tales of success and failure and amazing stories of perseverance to victory. What separates the average person from the exceptional? Do we all have the ability to be exceptional?

So you wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, retire to bed, wake up and start the process all over again. There may never be ‘the perfect time’… and then what? Too many people never experience the ultimate high, because they’re stuck in low gear waiting for everything and everyone around them to be perfect. The perfect time is a grand illusion. 

The perfect time only happens when your mind catches up to your fear. We talk ourselves in and out of more opportunities because of a condition known as FEAR. Fear is the ultimate dream killer. We are fearful of things that may never happen, but we fear them anyway. Make FEAR your new friend! You make your own breaks, no one else is responsible for your successes, your failures, or for your dreams.

It’s unfortunate that many people will never realize their true potential because they suffer from one or more of the “5 Human Ailments”. If you are not aware of the symptoms you may not even realize that your potential is limited, but if you learn the signs – you can discover the treatments and begin the path to full recovery!

When we get too used to a situation, complacency sets in. We will never excel at anything unless we push the envelope. This is a difficult one for most people because they get into a comfort zone and idle on through life. It’s equivalent to being in neutral. Your engine is running but you’re not moving forward. If complacenitis is the disease, change is the cure!

Some people live their entire life trying to be like someone else. They convince themselves of their limitations. They never reach their potential because they will not allow themselves to envision all that is possible. If you find yourself caught up in this world, then you must take drastic measures or you’ll find yourself blending into the crowd. You are capable of anything and everything when you let your mind go. Allow yourself to move beyond your self-imposed restrictions.

The golden rule in developing relationships is not to sell people out. People are not for sale. I define money as ‘a dirty substance’ that elicits the worst in people. When you know your product or service and you do the right thing, money will take care of itself. Dirty Money Disease is one of what I call the ‘5 Human Ailments’.

How many times have you made a call to someone, or left a voicemail, or sent an email and they never call back or respond in anyway? It doesn’t feel good does it? How many times do you do it to people who are trying to reach you? Your intentions may be honorable, you planned on calling them back, you’re just too busy, whatever your excuse is it’s still procrastination. Have you considered what procrastination or lazy work habits are doing to your productivity? Failing to follow through with a sensible timeline and deadline for your projects is the kiss of death. I see too many people with no sense of urgency. Not-Now-Fever is killing productivity – but there is a cure. There are steps you can take to rid yourself of this troubling disease!

What are the most common obstacles to personal achievement? There are 5 barriers that consistently hold people back from true fulfillment and emotional well being – I’ve studied this for over thirty years in America’s boardrooms. I’ve been able to identify the 5 Human Ailments that are keeping you from your true destiny.

Ask yourself these three questions:

Have you SETTLED into a comfortable existence without even realizing it?
Do you ever wonder why some people succeed, yet others STRUGGLE to get by?
Are you allowing FEAR of failure to stop you from even trying?

  1. Copycatosis

  2. Not Now Fever

  3. Complacenitis

  4. Dirty Money Disease

  5. Judgmentanoma


How To Cure The 5 Human Ailments™
This Keynote Is Packed With Tools To Advance Your Agenda

  1. Learn the steps to turn FEAR into FUEL to accomplish your goals
  2. Understand the drawbacks against imitating others
  3. Breakthrough the most common obstacles to personal achievement
  4. Learn how to prioritize specific projects and accomplish more in your life
  5. Eliminate complacent behavior, the ultimate goal killer
  6. Understand why people procrastinate and how to modify your own behavior
  7. Find out why greed is not good, and to how to seek fulfillment not affluence
  8. Stop judging others, it only limits your ability to define yourself
  9. Create an environment where breakthroughs are the norm

Whatever your goals, no matter your life stage, you can breakthrough the boundaries and barriers that are holding you back. Unlock your true potential and be the best “YOU” that you can be! What you will need is the right MINDSET and MALCOLM to change the behaviors that are limiting your abilities to achieve YOUR success.


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