So you wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, retire to bed, wake up and start the process all over again. There may never be ‘the perfect time’… and then what? Too many people never experience the ultimate high, because they’re stuck in low gear waiting for everything and everyone around them to be perfect.

The perfect time is a grand illusion.

The perfect time only happens when your mind catches up to your fear. Listen friends we talk ourselves in and out of more opportunities because of a condition known as FEAR. Fear is the ultimate dream killer. We are fearful of things that may never happen, but we fear them anyway. Make FEAR your new friend! You make your own breaks, no one else is responsible for your successes, your failures, or for your dreams.

Do you ever wonder why some people succeed in a big way while others struggle to get by? Being the best that you can possibly be is no accident. We all have unlimited potential to succeed at whatever we put our minds to. Unfortunately many people will never realize that potential because they suffer from one or more of what I call the “5 Human Ailments”, if you know the signs you can avoid them all together. My video book will help you identify the signs and provide the roadmap forward.

  1. Copycatosis
  2. Complacentitis
  3. Not-Now-Fever
  4. Dirty Money Disease
  5. Judgmentanoma


Maybe your personal life is on auto-pilot, or you’re not at your peak in your professional life. If you find yourself idling and feel the need to take a different road, make the move. Stop complaining. Do something about it. We’ve become a society terrified of change. We like things to stay the way they are. There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt – or is it complacency?

My friends, this is the perfect time to DREAM.