Tempers flair, attitudes blowup and people sound off! Problem is they sound off without understanding the consequences! And we’re not just talking about the guy who just cut your off on the highway – Social Media Is The New Road Rage.

“Sir (or madam) I’m so sorry you feel that way. I sincerely apologize for even in the slightest way, fracturing your perfect picture of a happy Earth where animals and human co-exist in peace and don’t eat each other, but THIS IS THE REAL WORLD, BITCH!!!!!! Get your PETA ass back to your car, mind your own phucking business, and pour yourself a nice, steamy hot, delicious cup of SHUT THE F##K UP!!!”

Yes this is a real message and its origin is from a social media chat site back a few years ago and it still comes up today just the same as the day it was written. Sure it’s funny when you first read it but there is a lasting impact that will always be tied to the person who sent it. For instance when you type his name in a search engine, guess what comes up? You guessed it… which means be careful what you say out there IF you don’t want it to come back to haunt you… and probably when you least expect it.

Social media sites have become the new road rage. If you’re one of those people that take a knee-jerk reaction to the trauma of the moment then this segment is for you.