Much of the technical hardware and software you use today was developed to accomplish something specific, a means to an end. You had a problem, someone found a solution to that problem. You need something done more efficiently, a tool was put in place to accomplish that.

There is a transitional shift that is taking place in the current generation. Fact is they’ve grown up with computers, they’ve never known a world without a computer. The computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone have all become devices that we go to in an instant, throughout our day, for just about anything, or nothing at all. These devices occupy our time and can take over our lives – if we let them. Are these devices making us smarter or dumbing us down? 

DUMBING you down if:

  • The only real conversation you’re having is now with your smartphone or computer
  • You blame everything that goes wrong with your day on your tech device
  • You take no responsibility for late or missed appointments, or timely followup
  • You can’t find a piece of paper and you forgot how to write in cursive anyway
  • You can’t remember your friends name without looking it up in your contacts
  • You are one of those cats who have their phone screen bright during the movie
  • Your computer goes in for an annual checkup before you do

Most of us can relate to just how dependent we’ve all become with technology. The following list is by no means exhaustive – consider these life lessons just a primer to get you started in finding that balance that is so necessary for a quality life!

Making you SMARTER if:

  • You still have eye-to-eye meetings and enjoy genuine conversation
  • You can successful balance your time on and off the computer throughout the day
  • You know what you’re looking for before you go look for it (most of the time)
  • You can still develop an idea without looking at a digital screen
  • You don’t believe because it was on the web, it must be true
  • You don’t go into cardiac arrest when your phone is in the next room

Adapting technology to fit your life makes much more sense than allowing technology to consume your life. In one word – BALANCE. Without balance, your seesaw won’t move!